A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver


Social drinking is a norm in today’s world and keeps growing. Be it friends, colleagues or an old acquaintance – “Let’s grab a drink!!” is a familiar phrase we hear every day from every nook and corner. But, but, but…. It comes at a price that we all pay, maybe even greater than our bills. This silent assassin is what we all know and don’t really love to hang out with. Every party night brings with it a…


Why take Dotshot

Drinking is absolute fun, but!

That bed-partner who will never let you get out and go about your day. That big burden sitting on your head as you try to get a cup of coffee early in the morning.

That rope which keeps pulling you back into the door while leaving for work. Like this dull shadow that looms over you through the day, just because you decided to have some fun a night before.


Which is why we went ahead and created this magic potion. With natural ingredients and a guaranteed effect that will let you party the way you want, when you want. DOTSHOT is your secret weapon for keeping you in your senses the next day.


Dude!!! Being Hungover Sucks. (Yeah? Tell That To Your Liver!)

When you sip or gulp down that favourite drink of yours, the liver produces Acetaldehyde which is kinda not good for you overall.

Oh But DOTSHOT, What Does All This Mean?

Long story, short. Drinking causes some amount of stress to your liver and it tries to counteract the effect with its own defense mechanism. High alcohol consumption puts extra load on the liver to process these toxins which could be troublesome in the long run.

But Worry Not. We Will Save The Day.

Our Formulation:

A formulation specially designed from Curcumin and added vital essential electrolytes. DOTSHOT’s composition has been clinically proven for benefits of battling hangovers and the harmful effects of alcohol caused to the liver.

All those trips to the bathroom, deplete your body of electrolytes. DOTSHOT helps you regain and balance their levels within the body and keeps your muscles, nervous system running normally Helps to reduce preventing dehydration and it’s after effects.


Clinical Study Result Of Specially Designed Curcumin

Blood Alcohol Level
Blood Acetaldehyde Level
Clinical Studies have proved that DOTSHOT is quite effective in Reducing Alcohol and Acetaldehyde levels in Blood.

Reference:- Clinical Trials of A Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Parallel Clinical Study to evaluate the Efficacy Safety of “DOTSHOT” In the treatment of Hangover due to Alcohol Intoxication.

The information in this website related to anti-hangover by reduction of Acetaldehyde are clinically proven & may benefit battling hangovers, based on specially designed Curcumin ( Theracurmin ) which is used in DOTSHOT. DOTSHOT reserves the rights to use the published claims for its advertising and branding purposes.


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