A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
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Best Anti Hangover Drink



Planning to chill with friends over a couple of drinks or heading off to a mad, crazy night of celebration and party. Just stop over and pick up a handy bottle of DOTSHOT the Best Anti Hangover Drink.

Avoid Hangover After Drinking


Have fun

Relax with your friends or have a great bash at the party.

Best Way to Avoid a Hangover


Last Shot of your Drinks

Epic Nights need to be left that way. So, Gulp down one entire bottle of DOTSHOT after your drinking session or before going to bed to Avoid Hangover Headache and Wake Up Fresh.

Best Drink for No Hangover


Rise & Shine to A ‘No Hangover’ Morning

Wake up like nothing ever happened. We’re kidding, but we are damn serious of kicking Hangover in the a**. Wake up fresh and without any stress.


What is DOTSHOT all about?

DOTSHOT is an anti-hangover beverage which is herbal with a flavor of lemon.

How does it work?

The primary cause of hangover is the result of a toxin called acetaldehyde. DOTSHOT helps neutralize this toxin and supports the body to defuse it, therefore helping to prevent the effects of a hangover.

How should I use DOTSHOT?

One shot of 70 ml DOTSHOT can be consumed with every few drinks depending on the consumption of drink and another just before going to bed to wake up refreshed and get ready to be productive the next morning. In normal consumption it has to be the last shot of the night.

Conquer the Night, Not the Morning: Experience DOTSHOT, Your Anti Hangover Drink

Drinking alcohol is slowly becoming a part of our modern lifestyle. It is normal to have a drink with a friend, at family get-togethers, and on any special occasions, but there is something that comes with the enjoyment of the alcohol: the hangover. But there is a solution to that nasty hangover.

There are a lot of techniques to reduce the hangover, but the best way is the anti-hangover drink – DOTSHOT- because it has the power to prevent the hangover.

If you were afraid to drink with your friends due to the risk of a hangover, then you can take our Anti-Hangover Shots after drinks. The anti-hangover shot is an anti-hangover beverage made from herbal products with the benefits of curcumin and the flavor of the lemon.

The main cause of the hangover is acetaldehyde; this is a toxic product and can create many problems in the body, especially in the liver. Our natural anti-hangover drink reduces or neutralizes acetaldehyde and provides a toxins-free environment for the body.

One-shot mainly approx. 70ml of the anti-hangover drink Dotshot  is consumed after a few drinks to avoid the ill effects of alcohol and prevent hangover.


  • Its going to be a Good Habit for me now!!!!

    I saw Dotshot being displayed at Noble chemist, and just out of curiosity I tried it out after a couple of drinks. The taste was very nice. Since I had a meeting the next day, i really hoped it would work, and I was surprised to wake up the next morning without the slight headache that I normally have when I drink. Im going to use this regularly now on after a drinking session. What a relief for office goers like me.

    Im recommending to all my friends about this stuff!

    Amazon Customer
  • Amazing Taste – Ayurveda Activated.

    This product was recommended to me by a friend. I am so grateful to her. Having dot shot as the last drink helped me overcome the hangover. The taste is amazing and quite unexpected frankly. My teetotaler younger brother, who is a fitness freak also uses this product because of the antioxidant properties of curcumin. I would recommend this product to people who have alcohol or abstain from it a like.

  • “Hasta la Vista” – hangover

    Had the chance to try this at a promotional event at The Resort in Mumbai, after finishing my usual quota of alcohol of course. It’s got an incredibly refreshing taste and it does exactly what its meant to.Woke up next morning feeling absolutely normal. Its an excellent product, totally natural and no side effects.One small step for man, one giant leap towards exterminating hangovers.

    Rohit Cariappa
  • It is really good anti oxidant for non alcoholic person also..

    I am not drinking alcohol….
    But i know the benefits of anti oxidant…
    And DOT SHOT is really doing well as an anti oxidant….
    I am really enjoying the benifits…

    Kapil Shah
  • Last shot of every party

    Last shot of after every party. Good product does what it intended to do. Even good for non drinkersits an antioxidants and made from natural ingredients. A great product in health industry. For regular drinkersits a boon.

    Ritesh Gupta
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