A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
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Our busy work schedule and unhealthy lifestyle are taking a toll on us. According to WHO, 60% of our sudden headaches, nausea, body aches, mood swings etc. all are interconnected to our long work hours, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet and unlimited alcohol consumption. All we need now is a solid solution to overcome these lifestyle health complications.

Good news, curcumin is here to the rescue!

What is Curcumin?

It is a bioactive form of turmeric, one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agent and a natural antioxidant.

How does it work?

It acts as a disciplinarian in the body promoting a healthy immune response and promoting overall health.

What are the benefits?

Not just one but there are many benefits of Curcumin

  • It helps in staying energetic and functional for any event.
  • It keeps the muscles and the nervous system running normally.
  • It acts as an anti-aging and an anti-carcinogenic agent.
  • Curcumin helps lower the cholesterol levels.
  • Also, helps diabetic patients keep their sugars under control.
  • Apart from all this curcumin is an important ingredient of an Anti Hangover Drink.

How is it effective on a hangover?

As per published paper, Curcumin helps neutralise the toxin called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is a contributing factor to hangovers from alcohol consumption. It is the toxic product of ethanol metabolism in the liver, which covalently binds to a variety of proteins, thereby altering liver function and structure.

Curcumin supports the body to defuse acetaldehyde, thus helping to prevent a hangover and its adverse effects on the liver.The use of curcumin is clinically proven for the benefits of battling hangovers and harmful effects of alcohol caused to the liver.

Where to look for Curcumin?

Today we see that few products, available in the market for direct consumption, have started using curcumin as their core ingredient for eg DOT SHOT. So next time your visit the store next door or shop online don’t forget to add DOT SHOT to your list, even if you are a non-alcoholic.

Curcumin in DOT SHOT

Curcumin not only enhances the taste of your drink but also helps you overcome hangover symptoms effectively. DOT SHOT is prepared with Curcumin extracted from Turmeric, which helps to keep your liver protected and reduces blood acetaldehyde levels. Also, replenishes vital electrolytes essential to keep you energetic and functional for any occasion.

We advice one shot of 70 ml DOT SHOT right after your party and get ready to be productive the next morning. In simple words, it has to be the last shot of the night.

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