A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver

DOT SHOT Pack of 24


70 ml each
Express delivery only for Mumbai*

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DOTSHOT helps in the prevention of post-party effects such as laziness, dizziness, headache, acidity, body cramps and nausea.

  • It is made of specially designed curcumin which is easily absorbed in the body. It has various other benefits such as anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, gives sound sleep
  • Contains “CURCUMIN” a Bio-active from turmeric
  • Net Content: 70 ml x 4
  • DOTSHOT is a clinically proven anti-hangover drink.
  • DOTSHOT is the best way to prevent a hangover.
  • Also replenishes vital electrolytes essential to keep you energetic and functional for any occasion.
  • One bottle of DOTSHOT should be consumed after drinking session. Consume chilled for better taste.

Dotshot is a powerful antioxidant drink that will take your wellbeing to an entirely new level! This Antioxidant Drink and immunity booster is a relatively new drink.


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