A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
6 crucial tactics of Anti hangover drink

Do you want to do Hangover Prevention?

After a great night of partying with your friends, the worst thing that can happen to an individual is an early morning hangover headache that ruins your whole morning. Although people might say the best way of hangover prevention is to drink within the limit, but most of us refuse to believe in that school of thought.

There are multiple hangover solutions that can be found on the internet and from your know-it-all drinking buddy, but here are a few that are a few tried and tested Anti Hangover Drink that might help get over the early morning headaches.

Hangover Prevention - Dotshot - Anti hangover drink

  • Coconut Water – After a night of drinking, partying, and dancing, the body becomes deficient in vital minerals and electrolytes. The best way to replenish them is coconut water. Coconut water contains a high amount of natural electrolytes which can be found in many sports drinks. Other than that, they are devoid of harmful substances like sugar, artificial sweeteners, or food coloring that may damage your health. The drink keeps you hydrated whether you are having it after a long run or after a night of clubbing with your friends. Coconut water is a natural for hangover prevention while also providing more flavor than normal H20.
  • Ginger – Ginger is renowned for its multiple medicinal properties and has been used in various societies and cultures as a cure to a multitude of diseases. Besides that, it is also a very effective anti-hangover drink for hangover prevention that can drive away your discomfort almost instantly. Consumed in the form of ale, ginger acts as an anti-hangover drink as it cures nausea almost instantly. Hangover usually involves an abhorrent hatred towards food for a short period of time. Eating ginger root or grating it and mixing it in fresh juice or water can help you overcome your hangover and cures nausea.
  • Tomato juice – A whole night of partying and drinking tends to deplete the body of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins very quickly, resulting in horrible and headaches and hangovers the next morning. Having tomato juice the next morning is one of the best ways to get rid of those headaches and nausea in an instant and to do hangover prevention. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and help in increasing the functioning of your liver, giving your whole body a reboot by helping the liver to speed up alcohol digestion. Other than that, tomatoes are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help in revitalizing the body making you feel better the next morning.

Dotshot for hangover prevention

  • Partying on weekdays and Sunday nights has become a possibility with the release of Dotshot’s After-Party Drink  for hangover prevention. Early morning hangovers have always been a nuisance that would affect productivity and also the health of the body in the long run. With the After-Party Drink, you won’t have to face painful headaches and other issues that come along with hangovers. Having this drink after a night of partying and right before you go to sleep will eliminate the chances of having a hangover the next morning.
  • Consuming alcohol results in the production of Acetaldehyde by the liver, which can be very harmful to the body if produced in excess. Alcohol consumption puts the liver under high stress which might negatively affect the body and be harmful in the long run. In order to tackle this situation, Dotshot added multiple vitamins and minerals that are lost in the multiple bathroom trips that are taken during drinking. The After-Party drink replenishes the body with these minerals and electrolytes. Dotshot formulated the drink from Curcumin and also added essential electrolytes. The composition that Dotshot has come up with has been clinically proven to battle hangovers and the harmful side effects of excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Unlike other anti-hangover drinks that involve manually preparing them the very next morning, Dotshot’s After-Party Drink for hangover prevention comes readily in a small bottle that can be consumed right after you are done drinking or before going off to bed. Waking up the next morning and chopping up fruits for your natural and fresh anti-hangover drink seems like a tedious task to do while suffering from headaches and nausea. Dotshot’s After-Party drink is made from natural ingredients and can be had directly from the bottle. Other than that, the drink is flavored and has a refreshing taste. This Anti-Hangover drink for hangover prevention is also comparatively cheaper with a pack of 4 bottles costing you a mere 325 INR.

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