A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
A Drink that Prevents Hangover and Protects Liver
14 hangover cures that work

In this article, you will get to know about how to get rid of the after-effects of getting drunk, which is the hangover. Not only hangovers but drinking alcohol may cause dehydration, nausea, and many more problems. So here are the best 14 hangover cures that work.

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  1. Banana and salt smoothie: This is not an unreal combination. Alcohol consumption stops the production of a hormone that causes dehydration in our body. Banana and salt smoothie helps to keep your body hydrated and boosts the production of the hormone which is responsible for hydration in our body.
  2. Coconut water: Hangovers also cause loss of energy, you will start to feel low and less energetic during a hangover. Coconut water helps you to feel energetic in a hangover.
  3. Electrolyte: Electrolyte helps you to get your energy back. You should mix a good amount of electrolyte in a sipper and mix drinking water in it. In this way, you can carry the sipper with you and drink frequently.
  4. Take a shower: Take a cold shower. A cold shower has a lot of health benefits, it increases blood circulation and heart rate. Also, helps in getting rid of toxins of alcohol.
  5. Hair of the dog: This is the most popular method to cure the hangover. Hair of a dog means drinking alcohol during a hangover. But this cure depends from person to person. Some feel light after taking more Alcohol and some face the worst of the hangover.
  6. A healthy meal: Alcohol consumption causes drainage of many nutrients and minerals from the body and you will feel low. You should take a good and healthy meal rich in carbohydrates and other vitamins. You will feel energetic after having a good meal.
  7. Fruit juice: Fruit juice can be very helpful in curing a hangover. It will help to get you hydrated, also it will give you important vitamins required for your body.
  8. A good rest: You should take a day off from all your work and go to bed right away. You should take a good nap after taking a healthy meal and drinking a lot of water. When you wake up you will feel much better.
  9. Coffee: Coffee has caffeine which may help you to get rid of the crazy headache. If you are not a coffee person then you can have tea, add extra tea leaves for better results.
  10. Workout: Workout may be helpful to get rid of the hangover. But if working out is not in your routine then you should do a light workout like jogging for 10 minutes etc. Also if you are having a heavy hangover then I’ll not suggest you do too much workout. 
  11. Yoga: If you have a heavy hangover then you should switch to yoga rather than a workout. Doing yoga for an hour can help you to get over stress and anxiety caused by a hangover. 
  12. Medicines: Take the medicine which can cure headaches like Aspirin. Aspirin is good medicine that usually people take. It not only cures headaches but it will help you to overcome stress and anxiety.
  13. Switch to low: After alcohol loud music, noise or even bright color can cause stress and irritation. Avoid loud music, if you are a music lover then try soft and melodious music and relax. Also, take off your jeans and wear comfortable shorts or trousers and sleep without undergarments for more relaxing results.
  14. Rub a slice of lemon under your arms: Take a few juicy slices of lemon and rub or massage your armpit for a few minutes before and after drinking. This method will not cure your complete hangover but it will help you to come over the stress and anxiety of the hangover.

How does dotshot works?

When you drink alcohol, your liver converts alcohol into acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is the main reason behind a hangover. Dotshot when consumed, reduces the amount of acetaldehyde produced in our body. Dotshot reduces stress caused in the liver without any side effects. With the help of dotshot, you can enjoy a peaceful morning without a hangover.

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